1557590_1573271136324674_3995251269102507922_nI am a local San Diego dad and wanted my kids to ride a skateboard with me. The problem was, they are too little. So, the only way we could all go ride is if I retrofitted one of my old skateboards with a pair of handle bars.

The attention these CALIBARS have generated is more than I ever expected. Many other parents would prefer to have their kids ride a skateboard than those little scooters.

CALIBARS are being sold locally and online.

They are made right here in town and are powder coated Blue, Pink, Black and White for durability. Foam grips for the kids and they attach to any standard skateboard.

Please send any inquiries to CaliBarsUSA@gmail.com    

Please skate within your ability, skateboarding can be dangerous.  Wear all protective gear and obey all traffic laws.